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Contract Reviews and Negotiations

Drafting, reviewing and negotiating business contracts

Running your business in Indonesia requires an ongoing need for the preparation and negotiation of business contracts and other legal documents. Our team of corporate lawyers is highly experienced and has a keen eye for detail when drafting, reviewing or negotiating these contracts and documents. Our main goal is always to protect the client’s interests and ensure the liability of the client will be limited.

Contract Review and Advisory

Our team of lawyers will meticulously review contracts or other legal documents shared by clients or business partners. Once reviewed, our clients can be rest assured that their rights have been adequately protected in full compliance with the Indonesian laws and regulations. If required we can, on behalf of the client, enter into contract negotiations with the other contract party to reach agreeable terms and conditions.

We assist clients by reviewing and drafting an array of contracts and legal documents, including:

  • Employment agreements
  • Company regulations and collective labor agreements
  • Termination agreements
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Joint venture agreements
  • Shareholder circulars
  • Contractor and consulting agreements
  • Partnership and joint operation agreements
  • Cooperation agreements
  • Merger and Acquisition agreements and legal documentation
  • Intellectual Property contracts, including trademark, copyright and licensing agreements
  • Master Service Agreements

Experienced Contract Lawyers

Our lawyers extensive experience in assisting Indonesian businesses of all sizes with business contracts. Our Firm works closely with with our clients to ensure our financial expectations are meeting the budget of our clients, the come to a fee arrangement fee arrangement which is satisfactory all parties involved.

Our team of lawyers have extensive experience in drafting contracts from scratch or reviewing existing contracts. When reviewing a existing contract which are presented to the client by the other contracting party, it is important to have a skilled legal negotiator on your side. PNB Law Firm is ready to assist you in any kind of contacting assistance you may require.