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Manpower and HR Support Services

Overview of Manpower Legal Assistance and Support Services

Employees are a company’s most valuable assets. They create value and they delivery your products and services to customers. They are also often one of the greatest expense item of your company. Therefore it is essential to make proper arrangements for their rights and obligations. Our team of lawyers advise and litigate across the entire spectrum of employment law and can assist you with all related matters.

Below is an overview of our main services.

Employee Tax and Social Security
Our human resources and tax specialists will help your company to calculate, report and pay monthly taxes and social securities (also known as BPJS) of your employees to the related government authorities. In addition, our team can assist clients with the registration of new employees at related authorities and the preparation and filing of annual tax reports.
Employee Payroll Processing
Our consultants will handle your payroll, while you can focus on your core-business. Payroll handling includes the payment of salaries and other remunerations (e.g. travel or other operational expenses), allowances (such as THR), bonuses and the preparation and delivery of payslips.
Work Permit Applications
Foreign nationals working in Indonesia require a work permit and a stay permit (ITAS). Our group company PNB Immigration Law Firm is specialized in handling work and stay permit applications for foreign workers. Our team of over 40 experienced immigration consultants and lawyers will be happy to assist your with all your immigration inquiries.
Manpower Disputes
A manpower dispute occurs when a company has a dispute with one or more of its employees. In Indonesia there are generally three stages of dispute resolution. These stages include amicable resolution (bipartite resolution), mediation, reconciliation or arbitration (tripartite resolution) and filing a lawsuit to the labor court.