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Company Secretarial Services

PNB Law FIrm’s Corporate secretarial services Overview

PNB Law Firm assists companies to become and remain compliant with local Indonesian laws and regulations. Our experienced team of company secretaries and lawyers helps your business to adhere to all local regulatory requirements.

One Stop Approach

Our firm offers a wide range of services, which allows your company to focus on its core business. An overview of our services is outlined below.​

Corporate Compliance
Our team of lawyers has extensive experience in performing legal due diligence checks on all agreements, corporate licenses, policies and other corporate documents of clients. During the corporate due diligence check, our lawyers will check if the client is compliant will all corporate, manpower and immigration laws and regulations to avoid problems with local authorities.
Nominee Shareholder Contracts
A nominee shareholder is an Indonesian shareholder in a PT or PT PMA that will fully act on behalf of the foreign party which appointed the nominee shareholder. A nominee shareholder ensures that foreign parties have 100% control in companies or business fields which are subject to certain foreign investment restrictions.
Contract Reviews and Negotiations
Our clients regularly rely on our firm to draft or review a variety of agreement. Examples of common requests are employment agreements, termination agreements, shareholder agreements and sale & purchase agreements. Our lawyers will tailor and review contracts to meet the specific case of the client, to ensure all client's rights are protected.
Employer of Record
With Employer of Record services PNB Law Firm's legal entity will be appointed as the legal Indonesian employer of the international employees of clients. While clients remain in control of managing the international employee, PNB Law Firm will handle all administrative processes, including sponsoring of work permits, payment payroll, reporting and payment of taxes and social security contributions.
Nominee Director Contracts
A nominee director is an Indonesian national appointed by a foreign investor as director and who will fully act based on the instructions of such foreign investor. The foreign investor has 100% control over the actions of the nominee director, as the nominee will not act without the instruction of the foreign investor.