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PNB Law Firm is a firm of engaged and highly motivated attorneys with a feel for business. Quality, reliability and resolve are key words that describe what we do and who we are.

Unlike many law firms that often seem afraid to give any opinion that is not hedged by disclaimers and reservations, we have a strong conviction in our ability to advise you. These qualities result in high client satisfaction and are the foundation of the rapid growth of our firm.

PNB Law Firm at a glance


Our competitive service fees are considerably lower than those of comparative law firms. Based on client’s preference, fees can be on hourly basis or on project basis


Our Firm has a strict no bribe and anti-corruption policy. This policy is not only based on our internal moral values, more importantly, it is essential for our clients that need to comply to stringent anti bribery and corruption rules.


Our client base includes large international corporations, including multiple fortune500 companies and global legal firms.

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Services Overview
Main Services
Company Formation & Restructuring
Formation – Bankruptcy – M&A

Our experienced team of corporate lawyers and business consultants will help you save time and significant financial resources, as well as diminish possible risks that might occur if the local procedures and deadlines are not followed correctly.

Company Secretarial Services
Ongoing legal support services

PNB Law firm offers corporate legal assistance and outsourcing services. These services include nominee directorship and officer services, employer of record services and corporate governance and regulatory compliance checks.

Manpower and HR support services
HR and manpower reporting

Employment laws can be confusing and complex in Indonesia. PNB Law Firm can handle HR processes and procedures on your behalf and help you maintain a compliant operation in Indonesia. This allows you to focus on your core business activities.

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