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Termination Compensation when Terminating Employees in Indonesia


Types of EMPLOYEE Termination Compensation in INdonesia

The type of termination compensation in Indonesia depends on the work contract between the company and the employee. There are three types of work contracts:

  1. Freelance agreement, where employees work and receive wages based on their attendance;
  2. Fixed term employment agreement, where employees work for a fixed period (for example 1 or 2 years) at a company; and
  3. Permanent employment agreement, for manpower working at the company for an undefined period of time.

The Manpower Law does not regulate a mandatory termination compensation for freelancers. Companies and freelancers are however free to agree on a termination compensation in the freelance agreement. The Manpower Law does set minimum termination compensations for fixed term employment agreements and permanent employment agreement, which we will further discuss below.

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Termination compensation: fixed term employment agreement

The Indonesian Manpower Law regulates a specific type of termination compensation for fixed term employment agreements. The purpose of this type of termination compensation is to prevent that the company or the employee terminates the agreement before the expiry date. Therefore, the Manpower Law requires the party who terminates the agreement to pay a compensation to the other party. There may thus be an obligation to pay compensation for either the employee or the company.

Company obligation to pay compensation

In case the company terminates the agreement before its expiry date, the company must pay a termination compensation to the employee. The amount of compensation is the amount of wages of the employee from the termination date until the expiry date of the fixed term employment agreement.


A company and an employee sign on 1 January an employment contract which will expire on 31 December of the same year. On 31 August, the company decides to terminate the employment relation of the employee due to poor performance – 4 months before the expiry date of the agreement. In this case the company must pay the employee a compensation of 4 times the monthly wage of the employee.

Obligation of employee to pay compensation

On the other hand, if the employee decides to terminate the employment agreement before it expires, the employee is liable to pay a compensation to the company. In such case the same formula applies, and the employee must pay the company a termination compensation in the amount of its wages from the termination date until the date of expiry of the agreement.

Termination compensation for foreign employees in Indonesia

Foreign employees fall under the category of fixed term employees under the Indonesian Manpower Law. As such, their termination compensation will depend on whether or not their employment ends before the expiry of their employment agreement or their work permit. In case foreigner terminate their contract before the expiry date, companies may also claim compensation to the foreigner.

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The Manpower Law regulates different types termination compensations for permanent employees in Indonesia. The following types of termination compensations may apply depending on the reason of termination:

1. Severance payment

The severance payment is a general termination compensation, which companies usually must pay in case they decide to terminate the employment relationship. The calculation of the severance payment is as follows:

Work period of employee in the companyAmount of severance payment
Less than one yearOne month of wages
One year up to two yearsTwo months of wages
Two years up to three yearsThree months of wages
Three years up to four yearsFour months of wages
Four years up to five yearsFive months of wages
Five years up to six yearsSix months of wages
Six years up to seven yearsSeven months of wages
Seven years up to eight yearsEight months of wages
Eight years or moreNine months of wages

2. Long service payment

The long service payment compensation rewards employees who are working for more than three years at the company. The calculation of this type of calculation is as follows:

Work period of employee in the companyAmount of severance payment
Three years up to six yearsTwo months of wages
Six years up to nine yearsThree months of wages
Nine years up to twelve yearsFour months of wages
Twelve years up to fifteen yearsFive months of wages
Fifteen years up to eighteen yearsSix months of wages
Eighteen years up to twenty-one yearsSeven months of wages
Twenty-one years up to twenty-four yearsEight months of wages
Twenty-four years or moreTen months of wages

3. Compensation payment

When the employment relationship ends, the company must pay compensation to the employee for the following items:

  1. Firstly, the remaining annual leave days at the date of termination of the employment agreement;
  2. Secondly, transportation costs which allow the employee to return to the place of hire;
  3. Thirdly, housing allowance and healthcare allowance, which are set at 15% of the severance pay and / or long service pay.

The company and the employee may also regulate specific compensations in the employment agreement. In addition, the company may regulate additional compensations company-wide in the company regulations or collective labor agreement.

4. Separation payment

Separation payments are paid to the employee only in case the employee resigns or when the employee is considered to have resigned from the company. The Manpower Law does not set the minimum amount of compensation for separation payment. Therefore, companies in Indonesia must regulate this in the employment agreement with the individual employee. Alternatively, the company can regulate the separation payment compensation in the company regulations or collective labor agreement.

Termination Compensation Calculation For Permanent Employees

The amount of termination compensation for permanent employees depends on the reason of termination of the employee. In the below matrix is an overview of the most common types of termination.

Reason of TerminationSeverance PaymentLong service paymentCompensation PaymentSeparation Payment
Forced termination by company due to merger, acquisition or consolidationTwo timesOne timeOne timeNone
Closure of company – not for financial reasons or force majeureTwo timesOne timeOne timeNone
Employee enters pension ageTwo timesOne timeOne timeNone
Termination by company due to violations by employee One timeOne timeOne timeNone
Bankruptcy of companyOne timeOne timeOne timeNone
Resignation of employeeNoneNoneOne timeBased on agreement