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Company Formation & Restructuring

Full Service: From Company Incorporation to Company Liquidation

Our experienced team of lawyers and consultants have assisted hundreds of clients with the establishment of their local entity in Indonesia. Besides company establishments our team assists clients in a variety of other corporate legal services, including M&A, company liquidation and bankruptcy. An overview of our services can be found below.

Company Formation
There are two main types of companies available for foreign investors in Indonesia, the foreign limited liability company (PMA) and the representative office. Besides that foreign investors have the option to control a local limited liability company (PT) by way of appointing one or more nominee shareholders.
Company Bankruptcy
When a company is no longer able to pay its debts to creditors, it can either file bankruptcy by itself or the bankruptcy can be filed by two or more of creditors who have an outstanding debt which has already matured. During a bankruptcy a curator will be appointed who will confiscate and manage all assets of the Bankrupt Debtor.
Mergers & Acquisitions
The process of buy or selling a company is complex, which in involves not only financial but also personal interests. Therefore it is essential to obtain expert legal assistance. Our experienced team of lawyers will assist clients with identifying the client’s interests throughout the process, to warrant a smooth transition of businesses.
Company Liquidation
When a limited liability company (PT / PMA) decides to close down its business, it needs to be liquidated. During the liquidation of the company all assets are sold, all creditors are paid and all licenses are cancelled. Only after the company has successfully completed these liquidation steps it can be de-registered from the register of companies.