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    land rights indonesia

    Overview of land rights in Indonesia for foreign investment companies

    land rights indonesiaOn August 22, 2015, PNB Law Firm provided a new legal business column to the investment website In the column we provided an overview of the land rights which are available to foreign investors in Indonesia. Generally the following land rights are available to foreign investors:

    1. Hak Guna Usaha, or the right to work on land which is controlled by the Indonesian state;
    2. Hak Guna Bangunan, or the right to construct buildings on a land which is owned by a third party;
    3. Hak Pakai, or right to use or collect products from a lang which is not controlled by a third party.

    The above mentioned rights are subject to a time limit and will thus expire after a certain amount of years.

    The full version of the column can be read at


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