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Indonesia National Single Window INSW

Indonesia National Single Window (INSW) – Indonesia’s online integrated system

Indonesia National Single Window INSWIn an effort to improve the transparency, consistency, and efficiency of export and/or import process of international trade activities, the government has issued the Regulation of the President of the Republic of Indonesia Number 44 of 2018  on the Indonesia National Single Window (Regulation 44/2018). Regulation 44/2018 regulates the management and organization of the Indonesia National Single Window (INSW) System, the national single window agency, the single window service unit, and the steering committee. In this column we will limit ourselves to explaining the first three subjects.

Management and Organization of Indonesia National Single Window System

The INSW is a nationwide integrated system, which is used in processing documents for customs, quarantine, licensing, seaports/airports, and other documents which are related to export and/or import. Through the INSW portal, applicants can submit their applications to the relevant ministry/institution. When users use the portal, they are required to implement the following measures:

  1. Ensure the validity of data;
  2. Backed-up all data for all transactions; and
  3. Pay the required service fee.

National Single Window Agency

The National Single Window Agency is established for the purpose of managing and organizing the INSW and the online portal. The activities of the National Single Window Agency include the following activities: formulation and implementation of guidance, provision of facilities for submission, processing, and provisions and implementation of standardization and simplification of the INSW system.

Single Window Service Unit

The Single Window Service Units (SWSU) are established at ministries and government institutions, in support of the INSW system. The SWSU may be established in existing bodies already active under the ministries and government institutions, or new SWSU’s may be established in accordance with the provisions of Regulation 44/2018.

Regulation 44/2018 revokes the Presidential Regulation Number 10 of 2008 as amended by Presidential Regulation Number 10 of 2008  and Presidential Regulation Number 76 of 2014.



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