Free Legal Advice

Free Legal Advice

PNB Law Firm Jakarta aims to establish a long term relationship with all of its clients. It is convinced of its high quality service and therefore, in order to convince its clients, it offers the first legal advice for free. After that the client can decide whether or not to continue with PNB Law Firm Jakarta.

For Which Clients?

The free legal advice is only available to corporate clients that have a corporate legal or tax inquiry. Unfortunately we do not offer free legal advice to individuals.

Types of Advice

PNB Law Firm Jakarta can provide free legal advice either by telephone or by appointment at our office. Advice by telephone is however restricted to simple cases, where our lawyers can provide advice about the client's basic legal rights and obligations. For more complex cases we require an appointment with the client.


PNB Law Firm will provide the client 1 free legal consultation for maximum 1 hour. After that, PNB Law Firm will either continue the assignment at a normal hourly rate or stop the assignment and send the results to the client.

No Obligation

After the period as mentioned as mentioned above, the client may at its sole discretion decide to continue or to stop using the services of PNB Law Firm.

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