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November 29, 2017
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dividends income tax

Dividends Income Tax to be Paid by Foreign Controlled Companies Revised

dividends income taxRecently, PNB Law Firm provided a new business column to the investment website indonesia-investments.com. In the column we discuss the issuance of the new Ministry of Finance regulation number 107/PMK.03/2017 on the Determination of the Moment of Acquisition of Dividends and the Basis for Their Income Tax Calculation by Domestic Taxpayers for Capital Participation in Overseas Non-Listed Companies (New Regulation).

The New Regulation focuses on income tax which is levied on dividends from controlled, non-listed foreign companies. In the column we explain the difference between directly and indirectly controlled foreign companies (PT PMA). Moreover we provide a short explanation on deemed dividends and actual dividends.

Readers can find the full version of the column on indonesia-investments.com.


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