Construction Business License for Foreign Companies (PMA)

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July 14, 2016
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Construction Business License Indonesia

Foreign Investment Construction Business License

Construction Business License IndonesiaRecently, PNB Law Firm has provided a new legal business column to the investment website In the column we discuss the changes in the application procedure for a construction business license by foreign investors. Moreover, we discuss the consequences of violations of construction regulations performed by foreign investors. The new regulation no. 03/PRT/M/2016 (New Regulation) applies to foreign investors that wish to establish a construction limited liability company (PT PMA) or that wish to make amendments or other changes in the construction business license of their PT PMA company. Firstly, the New Regulation sets out the document required for application a new business license, expansion or amendment thereof. Secondly, it regulates the obligations of the PT PMA and the sanctions in case of violation of the New Regulation.

The full version of the column is available at 



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