About Us

An Introduction to PNB Law Firm

PNB Law Firm Jakarta is a continuously growing commercial law firm located in South Jakarta. Our firm mainly focuses on corporate clients, both listed and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), authorities and non-profit organizations. Our international team of lawyers and tax specialists are providing clients with specialist, business- focused advice for their national and international law and tax related matters.

Making the Difference

With every step PNB Law Firm takes for its clients, we constantly ask ourselves how our actions can create the most added value for our client. In our services we always strive to provide hands-on advice, instead of providing unnecessary elaborate legal opinions to our clients. We are making the difference by understanding what our client, being entrepreneur, needs from us.

Commercial Insight

Central to PNB Law Firm Jakarta’s legal services our commercial insight into the business of our clients, so that we can provide the client legal advice specifically tailored to the client’s business needs.

Single Point of Contact

PNB Law Firm Jakarta distinguishes itself from other Jakarta based Law Firms, by appointing a single point of contact, an account manager, to each client in order to maintain effective and transparent communication. Our intention is that the account manager builds a long term relationship with its client, and possesses all expertise appropriate to the client. This approach is key to our to-the-point, no-nonsense and trusted appeal towards our clients.


PNB Law Firm Jakarta is convince that providing the highest possible quality services to its clients is essential for a long term relationship with its clients. Our lawyers and tax advisers undergo regular internal and external training in order to constantly update and increase their skills. We firmly believe that our pursue for operational excellence will ultimately result in dividend for our clients.

PNB Group

PNB Law Group consists out of PNB Immigration Law Firm and PNB Law Firm. Where PNB Immigration Law Firm solely focuses on immigration, PNB Law Firm is a full service corporate law firm, providing a wide range of services to clients, including services related to company establishments, labor law, litigation, construction, tax and other law areaus. More information is available at the website of PNB Immigration Law Firm.

Philo Dellano, S.H., M.H.

Managing Partner

Philo Dellano graduated from the Faculty of Law, Universitas Indonesia, where he received his Master of Laws degree (M.H.). Philo also is a qualified tax consultant. Prior to joining PNB Law Firm, Philo worked as lawyer for a Jakarta based Japanese law firm and an Indonesian litigation firm. Philo has over 7 years experience as a corporate and litigation lawyer. He has considerable experience in construction, immigration, foreign investment, tax, and mining.

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