PNB Law Firm

PNB Law Firm offers high quality legal advice for an affordable price. What sets it apart from other law firms is that our staff consists out of a mix of Indonesian and international lawyers, tax and permitting consultants. This different approach enables us to offer our clients a high standard of legal, tax and permitting services. PNB Law Firm has an experienced team of approachable and knowledgeable lawyers, tax and permitting consultants who know how to keep clients fully informed whilst solving their legal, tax and permitting issues quickly, efficiently and cost effectively. PNB Law Firm is an Indonesian law firm with an international quality standard, committed to provide the perfect solution for your company in the service fields of legal, tax and/or permitting.

Free Consultation

PNB Law Firm Jakarta aims to establish a long term relationship with all of its clients. It is convinced of its high quality service and therefore, in order to convince its clients, it offers the first legal advice for free.

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